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Summer Drawing Class!

I'm excited to be teaching Intuitive Drawing this summer through SFAI's Public Programs. Come draw with me on Wednesday nights! 


Alexis Amann
10 Sessions »Wednesdays, June 7 - August 9

6:30-9:30pm | Studio 14 | $480

No prior experience needed; this course is suitable for both beginning and advanced students.

This class will explore intuitive drawing as a daily practice and journey, using drawing as a way to see, think, dream, and process. We will be exploring drawing materials and various methods of drawing centered on exploration, play, and internal observation. We will draw a lot in this class, and be expected to keep sketchbooks outside of class, drawing every day from weekly prompts. Drawing will be practiced as a way to record, a way to experience, a way to think, to discover, and to make things up. Class time will include daily sketchbook exercises, projects, discussion, and some group project collaboration. The goal of this course is to create a supportive, positive atmosphere that encourages risk-taking, experimentation, and challenges students to complete several drawings through the course of the week so that you leave the class with a fun, confident, and daily drawing practice.

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