Alexis Amann Art & Illustration
3 Turnip Sees Something 72.jpg

Turnip Inktober 2017

Turnip inktober 2017

1 Turnip runs away 72.jpg
2 Turnip Gets a Drink 72.jpg
3 Turnip Sees Something 72.jpg
4 Turnip Throws It Away 72.jpg
5 It Falls to the Bottom 72.jpg
6 Moon Sword Rises.jpg
7 Turnip is in the Ground (Cupcake).jpg
8. Turnip Walks the Crooked Path 72.jpg
9 Giant Toad Shows Turnip the Stars 72.jpg
10 Turnip Visits the Stars 72.jpg
11 Turnip Finds the Sword 72.jpg
12 Turnip Thanks His Lucky Stars 72.jpg
13 Turnip's Mind 72.jpg
14 Turnip is Fierce 72.jpg
16 Turnip Conjures a Ghost 72.jpg
17 Turnip Goes to the Witch House 72.jpg
18 Turnip Finds a Pumpkin 72.jpg
19 Turnip Conjures Clouds 72.jpg
20-21 Turnip Moon Sun Magic 72.jpg
22 The spell worked 72.jpg
23 Turnip Models 72.jpg
26 Turnip is Surprised 72.jpg
27 Turnip Takes a Nap 72.jpg
31 Turnip Dances Widdershins 72.jpg